Dashboard 1.9.5 full screen loader


My node just upgraded to version 1.9.5 and I see the dashboard now has a full screen loader:

I get why it’s been introduced: It makes sure that all data is available before showing the page.

However IMHO, from a UX point of view this causes the whole dashboard to feel way slower than before. Expecially as it happens also whenever we select another satellite.
It is a good idea to let the user know when data is loading, or when it is ready for display though, so I think this idea should be kept.

However may I suggest implementing a loader on elements that are being refreshed on the dashboard (like charts, tables…) instead of the whole screen?
I think it would be a better user experience :slight_smile:


Thx @BrightSilence, could not find the thread. I’ll tag this one as resolved and add my opinion on the one you linked