Dashboard (:14002) from nextcloud app external site

The main goal is to get access to the dashboard from the Internet.
I have a nextcloud and a storj node on the same network. In nextcloud there is an app of an external site.
I add a link to the storj dashboard in the nextcloud app, and the dashboard does not open in the nextcloud.
The dashboard itself works.
Usually in the “site settings” there is an option what enable embedding site in the frame of another site.
Mb in the storj dashboard there is a setting allowing embedding into the frame? Or there is another solution?

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The working solution is described here: https://documentation.storj.io/resources/faq/how-to-remote-access-the-web-dashboard

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Adding it in Nextcloud won’t make it accessible externally, Nextcloud doesn’t act as a proxy. It will be displayed in an iframe, and won’t load outside your LAN unless you port forward.

I’d recommend a VPN or using a reverse proxy with HTTP auth for the dashboard


or an SSH tunnel. Easier to set up