Dashboard Api node online status

Would like to sujest add to dashboard api some aditional flags, like Online status, database OK, …
It will help monitore nodes by software.
Today SNO neede to make all by hand, check dashboaer every day and logs to understand node is ok.
We have only some statistics on dashboard, error reporting flags will help make massive and relible monitoring.
Any suggestions more to add to api error flags?

The SNO GUI dashboard shows the online/offline status of the node. You can also use a port monitoring tool to alert you when your node port isn’t listening, indicating theres a problem with your node. Also we are working on system that alerts you by email when your node goes down :slight_smile:

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I have 11 nodes, and check it all the time is problematic. Also cant check mails all the time to understand node working. Thats why needed flags to dashboard API, today I am geting my status on my phone by discord aplication that gives me messages that node not responding, also statistics, thets why neede litle more information about node in API
It is very good that you also make monitoring by email redundency always helps.

You can see the online status on the dashboard API:

docker exec -i storagenode wget -qO - localhost:14002/api/dashboard

Or for PowerShell:

((curl | ConvertFrom-Json).data

It’s called lastPinged, it should not be yesterday :slight_smile:

As my test given be resalt, tha this pong is last time i coled api or dashboard. not is it online