Dashboard bug in v1.40.4


Today’s usage doesn’t update until tomorrow.

Approx 2 hours later, still the same value just an additional example.

works fine here on debian using docker.

That’s not the same graph.

@Sasha, these stats have always been infrequently updated. I believe it used to be every 12 hours or more if the satellite is having some delay in processing. This may not really be a new thing.

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oh right lol…
the graph we all just ignore … gotcha


Oh really? LOL
I can honestly say that the last few versions I haven’t really noticed it much. I only recently started looking at my StorJ node because I happen to see the suspension score drop (another thread I had a discussion on) right after the update occurred, then saw this. Many versions ago that graph used to update more frequently if not real time from the local node. But it seems to take a much longer time to update now. It still hasn’t updated over to 19th and it shows 18th but well behind 12+ hours for certain.

Please, check your databases: https://support.storj.io/hc/en-us/articles/360029309111-How-to-fix-a-database-disk-image-is-malformed-

If a database corruption occurred then no stats/data would show at all right OR no data would update at all?

It could be both. For example - your disk is slow and database is locked; database is partially or fully corrupted; you have timeouts or downtime and so on.

The drop in suspension score points to some disk/files issues too.
So, I would like to suggest:

  1. Check disk for errors and fix them
  2. Check databases for errors and fix them
  3. Monitor your node after maintenance for a while.

I don’t quite follow that “suspension” discussion we had based on this info.

As BrightSilence pointed out, it sounds like the graph issue is on satellite end, rather than SNO end if data isn’t processed real-time any more.

EDIT: 18 hours later - As you can see in the updated graph data showing is still delayed.

EDIT2: 22 hours later

Then all should be ok. The dashboard updates stat roughly every 12 hours, it’s not real-time and based on info from satellites.