Dashboard bug with trafic time

I have time +2 zone.
And Dashboard at my 00:00 start show 0 trafic, this is ok.
But it show 0 trafic till 02.00 and adding trafic to yesterday til GMT have 00:00 time.
Dashboard could show normaly trafic by my time or by GMT but now it show in confusing way.

please make sure your clock is synchronized with a good NTP time server and set to the proper time zone.

In order to have uniformity UTC time is used in SN. You can convert UTC to your timezone to find out when UTC’s 00:00 is your 00:00.

I have all time is synced. Dashboard just show 2h a day with 0 trafic, because web interface is going to 0 when i have 00:00 and start counting only when GMT have 00:00 for me this is 02.:00

The dashboard show time in GMT. It could not have a constant traffic - this is normal.
Or do you want to say, that on the next day you see it?

Dashboard show that it is new day by GMT, but it is new day by my time(0:37), GMT will have new day after 1.5h from now. and all trafim from this 1.5h will go to yesterday.

Still not get your concerns, sorry.
The whole graphic is scaled to the GMT. Every internal accounting uses the same timezone.
Where you see a problem?

problem that grath reseting to 0 not at GMT time but by my time. Wtch is 2h differ from GMT

It shouldn’t reset on any point. It could be not completed today, more precisely - it shows data for a previous hour of time when it is opened. This is how it is showed, it should be refreshed a few hours later when you click on Refresh.

As you see on picture above, it show GMT 0 time, but it is 0:37 by my time what is GMT +2h , GMT 0 time will be after 1:23 minuts.

Yes I can see it, but doesn’t see any “reset”. This graph is not a live graph, it shows the time, which you selected by mouse. You can move the mouse to select another time.
Also, your local time could be not synced, especially on Windows. The Windows doesn’t respect the precise time, you should force sync it with an internet and have selected the right time zone.

By the way, you selected the November 16 (yesterday) graph. You can click Refresh button on the dashboard to refresh the graph.

Yes but it resetet to 0 not by GMT time but by my time what is 2h differ from GMT
It should go to 0 by my time at 02.00 not at 00:00 at local time.

I still not get it. I do not see any reset, sorry. The traffic usage wouldn’t be a flat line, it will always fluctuate.
Or do you mean that any point which you can select by mouse is always 00:00 GMT? Then it’s by design. This graph with a one day precision.

I am talking about day end point, it is wrong. Now day start by my time, but data usage till 2:00(GMT 0:0) going to yesterday. Today data always go to yesterday graph from 00:00 to 02:00 and today between this time always 0 GB used

I don’t get it, sorry. The graph is displaying the usage for the month with points on each day in 00:00 GMT.
The beginning of each day is started in 00:00 GMT independently of your local timezone.
For example, you current local time is Nov 17, 19:31 GMT+2. But you can select the edge point only Nov 17, 00:00 GMT. This is beginning of the Nov 17. You can select the beginning of the Nov 18 when your local time would be more or equal to Nov 18 02:00 GMT+2.

This is the point, that it reset not at GMT 00:00 it start at 00:00 my time.
I will try today to show more pictures to understand.

What do you mean by “reset”? Reset to zero? Or what?

Graph start new day, i mean this. it start by local time not by GMT time.

All your examples shows that every selected point have a 00:00 GMT. Do I missed something?

I think i showd it in wrong way, try to make new photos.