Dashboard - Earning value

Hello, I host a node more than 134hours . Yesterday in the local dashboarde, the earning in time was 0.16, and this morning it was a zero, and total earning too. Where did it go ? How can I get it ? I just begin to this platform and I loose two times the earnings. can you help me please ?

It become zero because it’s 1 April. But you have to opt in zksync to have more frequent payment.

I understand that the curent month is on zero but the total may cumulte no ?

Hi @Dapeyco
The earned amount is effectively ‘processing’. Due to the decentralised nature of the network the storagenodes are only updated with payouts or ‘undistributed’ amounts once the payment run has completed around the middle of the following month. You can still use the payout information page to check the expected amount for the previous month:


Ok, thank you for your quickly answers. I will wait the updaites. Regards,