Dashboard features request


I’d like to see a few new features on the web dashboard, what do you guys think about these ideas?

  1. Interactive date range selector (including access to historical data) Already exists, my mistake
  2. Access data from all nodes connected to account, with separate and combined data available This is already in the pipeline
  3. One data table for all satellites to get an overview of all suspension and audits data Now implemented!
  4. Data transfer speeds, if possible. Peaks, averages etc


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You mean this one?

Or maybe this one?

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That would be very much it, haha. I can’t believe I missed that all this time.

Could you please update your idea with non implemented features then :wink:


I was actually looking for the edit button… :laughing:

Edit: @Alexey is there a time or number limit on editing posts? I can’t seem to edit the original post, though I edited It before.


Made it as a wiki. You now should be able to edit the post.

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Seems done


Wow, you guys are incredible! Feature requested, a week later it’s done… Congrats, I love this too!

Any update on when we can expect a multi-node dash?

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Post updated, fantastic job, thank you!

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Not ready yet :slight_smile:
But stay tuned!


I’m so stoked! Thanks for your reply :smiley: