Dashboard for multiple nodes

Is there an easy way to query the uptime, used bandwidth, free space of multiple nodes at once?
I have over 70 nodes at the moment, and it is getting increasingly difficult to maintain uptime if I start adding more…

preferability, if there’s a dashboard that allows me to add a list of nodes I have.

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You can add this idea to ideas.storj.io so others who also want to see this feature can upvote it.

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The other question is: Why the h… do you have over 70 nodes?? Just besides the fact that you’d need 70 invites on 70 different email adresses… and that most of the nodes should be in different locations.

But I have 3 nodes myself in the the same location and it would indeed be nice to have a way to query them all at once.

Thanks, I will do so!

Email alias :grinning: that’s how I get different email addresses…

all of my nodes are hosted on different IP addresses, datacenters, and each with 1~2TB storage.
just utilizing existing surplus resource that I have with my existing servers.

Wow that is quite some surplus of resources… Well done :grin:
Just hope nobody else has a node in that datacenter :smiley:


You could write a script using the dashboard API to aggregate information yourself.