Dashboard - Meaning of "Disk space used this month"

Dear all,

it is not clear to me the meaning of the “Disk Space Used This Month” box. If I look at the documentation it does not help me either.

The amount of total disk space used on a storage node in the current monthly period, for which a **storage node is paid $1.50/TB.**

What is meant with “on a storage node”? Which one?! And why is unit TB*h and not just TB? Is the meaning of this information to let everyone know how much the service has been used during the month? I believe this should be the information that it was meant to be shared, so that each SNO knows if there is traffic or not and relate his node performance to the rest of the network, correct?

Furthermore by looking at the scale of the Y axis there is something wrong or (most probably) I am not understanding something: 07

If the amount stated on top is = 683.84TBh why is the Y axis showing something included between 25 and 30 TBh? Is it only me?


1 TB stored for 1 month is 1 TBm, 1 TB stored for 1 hour is 1 TBh. 1 TBm = 720 TBh, given 30 days in a month. It’s similar to electricity, you have a device which uses 1 kW and let it run for 1 hour and it will use 1 kWh.

The graph shows one data point per day. It looks like you have ~ 1.1 TB stored, so it is ~ 26.4 TBh per day and after 25 days ~660 TBh…


Also, if the data has been deleted it will not be accounted anymore from that moment. The previous value would not change.