Dashboard offline, but storj keeps working


A few days ago my storj node had an windows update and after that the dashboard shows that my node is offline.

I can see in taskmanager that the storj node service is downloading/uploading, does this mean my node is still operational?

I did a few things to check for this problem:
Checked the forum.
DDNS checked.
I checked my ports with www.yougotsignal.com and it is open, also the firewall rule is working in windows.
I updated my docker version to the latest.
I restarted the storj services.
Checked the log and version as the dashboard does not show which version im on.

2020-03-23T13:08:48.213+0100	INFO	version	running on version v0.35.3
2020-03-23T13:08:48.329+0100	INFO	db.migration	Database Version	{"version": 33}
2020-03-23T13:08:49.623+0100	INFO	preflight:localtime	start checking local system clock     with trusted satellites' system clock.
2020-03-23T13:08:50.543+0100	INFO	preflight:localtime	local system clock is in sync with     trusted satellites' system clock.

last 20 lines:

So im wondering how can i fix this issue and is my node still operational?
Thnx for any help

It’s working again.
Turned out to be the dashboard just showing offline.
When i open the dashboard with Microsoft Edge it works fine.

But when i use IE or Chrome is shows the picture in my first post :S

You need to clear cache press ctrl F5

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Now Chrome works aswell, Thnx :smiley:

This is a common issue StorjLabs should look into…