Dashboard online status for new satellite

Hi Everyone,

Always had 100% online status, however for the new us2 satellite its dropped a tiny amount. Not sure if its normal or something to be concerned about. Anything in particular I should check for?

Docker logs and success rate script don’t show anything.

I’m on v1.19.6

happened to me once (not with the same satellite), I dont know why but then it went back to 100% a few days after, and never happened again. I think it is not a big deal.

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If your node doesn’t answer on audit request it considered as offline. If node (or satellite in this case) is new, the only one missed audit can significantly affect online score (because it’s calculated for the 30 days period). Your node just do not have at least a month of audits, so it’s a bit sensitive for a short offline.
You can read more there:

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ok makes sense, will keep an eye on it. Thanks for the replies

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