Dashboard payout information in other currencies

I would love to be able to see the payout information displayed in the dashboard in other currencies instead of dollar only.
Maybe in future versions of the SNO software?
Thank you!


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You could mention which other currencies you specifically want to be shown.

I need only euro.

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Maybe a couple (5? 10?) of the most traded currencies could be a good starting point. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Currency_pair


SNO payments are quoted and tracked using USD, then converted to STORJ at the time of payment. Adding extra currencies would busy the dashboard and confuse people.


USD is not meaningful for everyone. As a person living in the eurozone there was a time when I could somehow relate to USD because 1 euro ~ equalled 1 dollar. This is not true anymore.

Also I guess that the value of a number of other currencies against the USD value transferred to the SNO could easily be gathered at the time of payment?

Of course I understand that we should keep the dashboard as simple as possible. Maybe to consider a parameters section where we could choose, among others, in what currency payout are displayed. Or a simple parameter in the config.yaml file?

But this is a minor thing, really. It won’t stop me supporting this brillant project :slight_smile:

I think the best currency for dashboard is directly on storj.You shouldn’t have to convert the dollar into a storj and then back.

There is no STORJ value until amounts are paid. You earn in USD and you get paid a USD amount. STORJ is only the method of payment and it’s calculated at the moment of transfer. Therefore it isn’t even possible to show STORJ amounts before then. USD is the correct unit to show because USD amounts are what Storj Labs commits to.

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