Dashboard time issues - uptime and last contact

I suspect there’s an issue with the dashboard using local time incorrectly in respect to uptime and last contact time. My storagenode is working correctly.

You can try to refresh the page with dashboard (please use Ctrl-F5 to refresh the cache). It perhaps related to broken cookies in your browser.

None of that helped.

Cleared cache on Chrome & restarted - same issue.
Cleared cache on FIrefox & restarted - same issue.
Changed timezone in windows to UTC & restarted chrome -same issue.
Changed timezone disabling daylight savings & restarted chrome - issue went away.
Restored timezone back to London+Daylight savings & restarted chrome - issue still gone away.

Wonder if it’s some edge case in JS/Windows?

We didn’t have such reports before.
Could you please restart the node?

I probably didn’t make myself clear.

The issue resolved itself by turning off daylight savings in the windows timezone settings on the laptop used to browse the storage node dashboards. The storage nodes themselves are on separate freebsd hosts and didn’t require any restarts. The dashboards have remained fixed since I turned daylight savings back on.

I’m assuming a Windows / JavaScript quirk not limited to Chrome as Firefox had exactly the same issue.