Dashboard UX: Percentages

Yeah, on the graphical dashboard, a bar indicator going from zero to 100, with the limt ant current score marked on it would be obvious to anyone.

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Like this


or that


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Yeah, also, either marking the limit or, I guess, the end of the bar could be the limit.

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Gauges or other bars to visually represent scores are alright, but I would keep the percentage displayed also, as it is more precise which is particularly important for the audit score, as it becomes very quickly (way too quickly sometimes) an urgent issue that needs action/checking.

Colors on bars/gauges could reflect that too I guess: green could be a very small portion only, suggesting that anything below 90 (for instance) should worry the user.

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Update: The audit score recently evolved:

Nodes now get disqualified when dropping below an audit score of 96% which makes this number even less precise, but at the same time closer to the % of authorized loss before DQ (Nodes with more than 4% of data loss are DQ). So in a way, it is now more intuitive…

Even though I still think it could be reworked to pan from 0 to 100% visually on the dashboard, if we want to keep its current way of working maybe a simple relabeling for this score (like “Stored data health”) with a tooltip detailing the 96% threshold could be enough?

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i fully agree with @Pac on this.
the dashboard should be easy to understand for new SNO’s and others…
requiring near zero knowledge…

the 4% allowed now, being equal to the spectrum of 0 to 100%
should be easy to do, make sense and work in API.

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