Data costs are too high

Storj should decrease costs for storage and egress AND reduce the same paid to SNOs

SNOs have space that is being left unused.

I suggest 25% reduction regarding the competitive cost of backblaze s3

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backup storage and live online storage isn’t the same thing…granted if the prices was more competitive it may bring in more customers… it also seems high to me that they have to pay for egress bandwidth…
i literally don’t care… sure it’s required to make profits… and maybe to limit what people use it for… but just cut it down…

bandwidth costs would be where the distributed cloud shines, because its split over so many nodes and internet connections that bandwidth limitation is basically non existent

i would suggest cutting egress payment to 50% that will both help storj, and the lower prices should make tardigrade a much better offer… you don’t want to beat a competitor on one front you want to beat them on all fronts.

but then again, if they can adapt its the same as declaring war on stuff like AWS’s business model.
which means one would have to expect serious retaliation in a few years, if they don’t pivot or die… which seems unlikely.

so mimicking your competition isn’t a terrible way forward either, also because that we would rather have unused space than all full nodes, and it doesn’t give away what the limitations are… ofc it also means that if the competition meanwhile develop a better technology, the advantages of the distributed cloud setup might not be utilized towards getting market share.

so it’s a bit of a tightrope to walk, but i agree to a certain degree… imo
is the download costs that is outrageous, it’s one of the reasons i would never use tardigrade myself for anything aside from maybe backup.

but then again one has to remember to take extra for one’s services so that there is a bit of extra fat for when the going gets tough…

maybe it is the right prices… it’s why i like that i don’t have to manage that stuff… i’m sure storj has spent a lot of effort on their pricing and have taken much more into account that i can in 15-20 minutes.

i do know the download price is what would keep me away from using tardigrade, but i would also say that if we where only paid the storage fee then i wouldn’t be here as a SNO

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Customers does not pay for ingress to the network.
However egress from the network it is an ingress to the customer :slight_smile:

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i ofc meant egress… or bandwidth in general and i was referring to the overhead expenses of keeping the network operational, and limits of bandwidth… in a single location like galileo’s paradox…

Well, fine tuning the “sweet spot” sounds a lot easier than it actually is.
I don’t know how low egress bandwidth would be able to drop before potential SNOs felt like it’s not worth the effort (even it it ends up bringing in more traffic).

I suspect there are clever people at Storj labs worrying about exactly this.


Good point. I already find payments quite low as an SNO.
Finding the right balance is probably a nightmare indeed…

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i was looking at bouncing storj data off a azure vps, but the bandwidth costs would basically make the whole concept null and void… so from what i can see when looking at the competition (azure and bandwidth prices), the prices / payouts seems fine… ofc this was by no means a proper study of it… just me doing some back of the envelop math that made me see it was a pointless approach.