Data duration on Tardigrade?

Can somebody tell or give me link how long the data is stored when I upload my data to Tardigrade. In my head is still the old v2 stuff that after a while the data deleted automatically.

Hi there, we are comitted to durability and retrievability! And we have recently reorganized to support that vallue, with an entire team devoted to it. So, if you want your data, it will be there when you need it.

@jocelyn I do not understand your answer. So data will not delete after a time slot ?

It won’t be deleted. You CAN give files an expiration date after which it will automatically be deleted. But by default files stay until you delete them. There is no more automatic deletion for everything like in V2.

unless you stop paying :smiley:

You may remember from V2, there were contracts which expired after 90 days. In V3 there are no longer any such contracts, and data will persist on the network as long as the customer continues to pay their usage bill.

However, if billing detects that the customer has outstanding charges that remain unpaid, such as would be the case if their credit card had expired or charges were rejected, or the STORJ balance on account was insufficient to pay the charges, after a reasonable time and opportunity to add a payment method, we would reserve the right to reduce account usage limits to zero and/or reclaim the available resources (storage space and bandwidth made available by SNOs to the network).

In such a case, this means the data may get deleted from the Tardigrade Platform, if a valid payment method is not added and any unpaid fees are not paid. More details about this will be published soon in a Data Retention Policy document.


as devil alwais in the details, this document shold have resonable time(how moch), reminders sended to customer, …