Data migration software

Hey guys!
It would be great if You have any idea about how to migrate data without downtime. i’ve got several nodes, which i want to upgrade with bigger hdds, now the aprox speed of copying files is 4-5 hours pro 1TB data (mostly because of huge amount of small chunk files), all nodes are hosted on windows servers 2012-2019, data storaged on physical hdds. This down time is not acceptable so i wonder if its possible to get some software (even if its not freeware or shareware) or have some migration method that can make downtime shorter.
Thanx for your ideas!

you can use rsync or other sync software.
when i mooved my node, i syncted data when it was online, 2 times, then, turned off node, and last synk taked 20 min. and thats all.

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can u share your best practice and give more detail instruction or link?
i want to make some kind of simple guide for everyone cause this topic is very popular on this forum

it will be differ for raspberry and win gui

i used sogtware.
first-second time synced when node online, even can sync third time when online.
Every sync, sycing time go smaller as smaller difference.
last sync, turn off node, make sync and thats all.
One moment, when you start node, first time it will give error, because database lock files. just make new restart and all start to work.
today synck can be harder, as at this time when i did it was no delete operations, thay can mess all up.

it is for windows.

for windows GUI
robocopy d:/olddata e:/newdata /MIR
run twice
stop node service
run again robocopy d:/olddata e:/newdata /MIR
copy identity, if needed
edit %ProgramFiles%\Storj\Storage Node\config.yaml with new identity & data folder, storage.allocated-disk-space
start service

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thanx for the link, its free work great with gui and have portable verion

great job, builtin, no need to install, should be executed with administrators rights
@Alexey what do you think of putting both methods to FAQ and add some for docker, nix and raspberry ?

It’s already there a while ago:

And here, on forum: