Data wipe after upgrade to v0.15.2

I see that not all data was wiped after upgrade to v0.15.2

The garbage is persists on <storj_data_dir>/storage/tmp

for me it about 1050MB

My data did wipe, I only have 6.6Gig allocated, mostly from info.db. (I thought that said 6.6T earlier. I think it’s time for bed… :smiley: )

Probably all tests are stopped for now, that’s why we do not get any data.
It wiped the data for me (took a couple of hours to do it though), just left the 5.8GB db file.

Could you please check it on your side?

It has 17 files, total 2.1MB

Thanks @Pentium100 !

That I mean not all data was wiped and some garbage on tmp is persist

I can confirm this issue on both of my storage nodes.

  • On the Raspberry Pi node I have 25673 files in the tmp dir.
  • On the AcePC node I have 63297 file in the tmp dir.
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We’ll roll out a migration which will remove tmp directory.

There is a PR already sent for it


Thanks a lot for very quick resolution!
@stefanbenten Thanks!

Confirm too.

root@node:/home/StorjStore/storage/tmp# ls
blob-018858431.partial	blob-088048577.partial	blob-182037527.partial	blob-351749016.partial	blob-623961691.partial	blob-822719331.partial
blob-028807561.partial	blob-129220266.partial	blob-215269002.partial	blob-446031870.partial	blob-679443814.partial	blob-833343980.partial
blob-045277951.partial	blob-134160795.partial	blob-245560551.partial	blob-470833170.partial	blob-697796681.partial	blob-838369607.partial
blob-051321477.partial	blob-161140192.partial	blob-274520461.partial	blob-527196040.partial	blob-769917946.partial	blob-902493740.partial
blob-083985409.partial	blob-165529413.partial	blob-326422113.partial	blob-623376599.partial	blob-812587796.partial	blob-995820817.partial
root@node:/home/StorjStore/storage/tmp# ls | wc -l

Mine is gone as well, 1.8TB. makes me sad :frowning: