Database delete with Hdd crash

I switched the database to the new disk for the storage node, the new disk crashes and I lost all the databases. I bought a new hard drive for the databases. I can start the node without any problems and on the new hard drive I see the new databases, but when I go to the node dashboard I can see the used memory all empty according to the dashboard. Before this happened, the node was using 67%. What can I do to repair it?

The Filewalker service, which scans all data on the disk, must complete its process across all satellites within your system. This service is essential for checking the integrity of data stored on the disk.

However, should you encounter issues with disk non-responsiveness due to congestion, your node may potentially crash and undergo a restart. In such an event, the Filewalker service would initiate from the beginning once more. It is important to note that the Storj team is actively making improvements to address this issue. Additionally, I would like to highlight that the completion time for the Filewalker on a node of considerable size could span days or even weeks. In some instances, it may struggle to catch up entirely.

To monitor the progress of the Filewalker, you can adjust the log level in your configuration file to ‘info’. For those utilizing Windows, you can open PowerShell and execute the following command: sls "filewalker" "C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\storagenode.log" | sls "started|finished|error|failed". This command will provide insights into which satellite the Filewalker is currently processing, including any states of completion or encountered errors.

Here are the satellite addresses for reference:

This information will give you an indication of the potential duration required for the Filewalker to complete its task.

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So I don’t have to do anything, just wait

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More or less!

It is advisable to monitor whether the total used space resets. You should review the logs for any errors that may occur. This reset can be a normal occurrence, particularly after completing operations on some satellites or finishing the garbage collection Filewalker process; thus, it is not always indicative of an error.

Should you encounter an error, it is highly probable that the issue stems from congestion.

How ist the command for the docker. I using docker on raspberry pi.

As you can see the total disk space is empty but the Average Disk Space Used This Month is 9.11TB. The 9,111 TB corresponds to the real HDD usage when I run the df -HT command. What am I misunderstanding?