"database disk image is malformed" due to second power interruption within one hour

Hi, I just had my second power interruption within the hour and Storj error thanks to my UPS (it shuts down my PC completely instead of giving me a minute or two to shut down the system properly).

I used this instruction:

But I only managed to do bandwidth.db integrity check and I’m stuck. I don’t understand the next steps.

Worst of all, my node started getting a lot of ingress since yesterday, so it’s not a best time to have the node shut down.

I’m using Windows GUI version of course. Weird thing is, that I have write cache disabled on my node disk and this error still occured.

PS: It’s not my first Storj problem. After 3 months of running Storj, I’m starting to think it’s not worth the effort.

I’ve started the node anyway. It seems to be downloading and uploading files, but dashboard is not working at all. The only error I get is “failed to add bandwidth usage”.

The dashboard is tripping over the broken db. People here can help you out, but you have to be a bit more specific on where you are stuck. The process is outlined quite well on the page you linked to. So please specify what step doesn’t work, what command you used and what error/response you get.

Nevermind, I’m deleting Storj. It’s only a matter of time before it breaks down so badly, that I’ll get disqualified. Maybe, I shouldn’t use it in the first place if I can’t understand those instructions. All this stress that next power interruption will destroy the node and constant checking every few hours if it’s working for a measly 4$ I’ve made in those 3 months. I was naive to think that I could at least get back 150$ I paid for the drive.

Have you unloaded data from the bandwidth.db to the file?
If so, then you should be able to trim it with the next commands from the manual and load to a new database.

The other option is to start with a clean database. In such case your bandwidth stat will be lost. However, it will not affect your payout.

It does not matter anymore. I did a format on my HDD and uninstalled Storj software. I do feel a little sense of loss, but I’m mostly relieved that it’s over.