Database disk image is malformed - Wiki command not working


today im watching at my Node Dashboard and see that there are no informations at the Dashboard.
The logs says:

2021-03-30T16:28:19.378Z ERROR piecestore failed to add bandwidth usage {“error”: “bandwidthdb error: database disk image is malformed”, “errorVerbose”: “bandwidthdb error: database disk image is malformed\n\[*bandwidthDB](*bandwidthDB)).Add:60\n\[*Endpoint](*Endpoint)).beginSaveOrder.func1:683\n\[*Endpoint](*Endpoint)).Download.func6:625\n\[*Endpoint](*Endpoint)).Download:646\n\[\n\*Mux](*Mux)).HandleRPC:29\n\[*Handler](*Handler)).HandleRPC:58\n\[*Server](*Server?_ga=2.184013230.901235114.1617120390-365336921.1611471893)).handleRPC:111\n\[*Server](*Server)).ServeOne:62\n\[*Server](*Server)).Serve.func2:99\n\[*Tracker](*Tracker)).track:51”}

and the Dashboard looks like:

If i run

docker run --rm -it --mount type=bind,source=/mnt/storagenode/storage,destination=/data sstc/sqlite3 find . -iname "*.db" -maxdepth 1 -print0 -exec sqlite3 '{}' 'PRAGMA integrity_check;' ';'

the result is:

standard_init_linux.go:211: exec user process caused "exec format error"
failed to resize tty, using default size

Can anybody help my?

Im runing it on a raspberry pi 3.


On Raspberry Pi3 you need to use a native version of sqlite3, as described in the guide.
The docker version of sqlite3 (sstc/sqlite3) can work only on x86 CPU, but not ARM.

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