DDNS converting to IP

On what level DDNS i setup in config will be converted to ip? On sattelite or on client sde.
if client side, then how sattelite check that DDNS names not on same /24?

This isnt how ddns works it only resolves to the IP address the /24 has nothing to do with it nothing changes. When you use a ddns service you set the name of the ddns into the config, and it resolves to the IP address to your public IP. The subnet doesnt change when you use ddns.

You not understand my question at all.

On both. The satellite resolves it to the IP to filter out nodes behind the same /24 subnet and gives a complete unique list to the uplink. Then uplink resolves your address to the IP to upload or download a piece.

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Ok it is good, then it checked for cheating.

Does this mean than DDNS is slower than Static IP?

Because user need to aks DNS server ip of DDNS provider, then ask DDNS provider NODE ip.
As we see on other thread on forum, than due to lot of dnd request DNS start to be slow, and response time go up. This mean, than when satellite send Static IP client can start to send instantly. difference can be from 10-15 ms to 200-300ms.

If your question is if the updating the IP is slow yes it would add a few ms because it needs time to update the ip address

As for latency no it doesnt seem to add any lag or anything once the IP is updated I ran a few traceroutes to my ddns and it is the same for both the static IP address and the ddns address.

it add preaty lot of ms, you test with trying resolv 1 dns, and uplink try to resolv up to 80 at same time.

Depends on whether transfers for nodes that advertise an IP rather than a domain name start the transfers right away while other needs to do DNS resolution first.

This is likely going to be negated if STORJ follows through on what’s mentioned in the following post though.

If storj start to resolv dns on satelite, then it just slowing down all. To send IP list to user, need to wait all resolv then send. then every upload will needto wait 1-2-3 sekonds more to start. As Satelite make lot of this operations it can be overkil and slowdown all satelite.

They have to do resolution anyway because of the IP filter. And sats could cache these IPs as well so it wouldn’t slow down much at all.

i dont think thay resolf them just before sending, and cash iven it lifetime 5-10s, ip can change at this time.

Doesn’t matter. If the node can’t be found at the cached IP, you do a new DNS lookup. That will impact at most one transfer. Not a big deal.

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I can’t say that it has been an issue cause I’ve been using a ddns since I started my node and I haven’t had any issues.