Debian vm on esxi issue

Hello there
Sometimes i have an issue with my second (8tb)node running in diffrent vm/datastore on same esxi host.
Today again i had to restart the whole host because i could not reset it from esx gui /ssh

It happened the third time but i cant find an solution /nor logs for this

Any suggestions?

I recommend you look at proxmox to replace esx.

Thanks thats like recommending ios to Android users XD

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I think if you’re looking for more detailed help it would help if you could provide some more info. What is the issue? What do you mean by not being able to reset it? What did you try? What results did you get? What results did you expect? Etc.

I can recommend check disk was located this storage node (at least system drive) or try to move system drive of this node to another physical disk. These issues can happen when drive contains bad blocks.
Also, you can look into /var/log/syslog and /var/log/messages for abnormal evets.

No, it makes sense. Your vm is debian so you must have experience, proxmox is debian based too.
If your vm locks up then you can kill the qemu process. No more host reboots.