December 2020 payout: Dashboard transaction link broken

I got my december 2020 payout of ~$40 for all my nodes but on all nodes the dashbaord shows a transaction link of which obviously just doesn’t work.
So does that mean all nodes didn’t get their transaction receipt instead of only those, that didn’t receive a payment?

(And yes, I checked on multiple browsers and cleared the cache, makes no difference)


thanks for reporting this. We’ve opened a ticket for the issue to be investigated

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The transaction link is now correctly available on my dashboard. Maybe your engineers fixed it already or my node needed the restart (even though that should of course not happen but I didn’t check before restarting it due to a host reboot…)

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Perhaps it got replaced when the satellites pushed back the payout information to nodes.

Possible, if the satellite sent out a 2nd batch of information since it wasn’t included from the start.
But whatever the reason, it works now :smiley:

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