Decentralized Cloud Storage?

I see that my ports are connected to one Internet Provider only, which the IP addresses are and

If all Storj nodes are connected to those addresses only, that will have a potential risk. Security risk. No decentralization, but centralization.

The owner of those address is hurricane.

What do you think? Any explanations?


Hi @V78,
What’s your question? You posted IPs and some external links.

The same is connected to my node, if they’re paying for storage and egress why do I care which ISP they connect from?


As long they pay us as a node operator, no problem. But how is the security risk?? Only single connected Internet/data center provider

How much data does your node currently have? Data is coming from many different IP’s as displayed above. Perhaps your node is “winning the race” for data from that ISP and you have a significant portion of their data on your node. This is not a security risk.

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Hi there. I am new. It is just starting. I was curious which ISP that connected to my ports, and I found some IP addresses.

Thank you for your explanation. Now I understand that there will be many different IPs connecting to my ports, not just some some IP addresses

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