Decentralized names for Storj?

Hey Storj community, I wanted to see whether it might make sense for Storj to further decentralize itself with decentralized Handshake names?

For context, Handshake is a project focused on decentralizing the root zone (to decentralize control of domain names from ICANN) and I think decentralized naming + decentralizing storage might make a lot of sense for our respective projects.

Is there anyone who’d be open to a quick chat to see whether our two projects are a right fit for each other?


Hi @jaywu -

I am a big fan of this idea (and of ddns in general). What do you see as next steps to get this started?

As a first test case, it might be interesting to tie a storj linkshare to HNS via cname mapping? See: GitHub - storj/linksharing: Link Sharing Service


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Woo @keleffew thanks for the positive response!

Generally with other projects we’ve begun integrations with a quick call to brainstorm what the integration might look like and a rough overview of the implementation, after which we follow up with relevant docs to help with the integration.

That said, I’m happy to gift free random Handshake names to you or anyone already familiar with Stroj to see if you can hack together something? Handshake names were built to easily plug right into the existing DNS infrastructure so it shouldn’t be too different than connecting to legacy domains.


Can you send an email to - and we can set up a call from there? You can also use to book on my calendar directly.

Looking forward to it!

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Found a time next Monday, chat soon!