Decentralized Satellite, but when?

So i just read this article that storj labs will make satellite distributed as possible so we can say 100% Decentralized. But when?

It will be good another computer can be satellite too, but before it, they should compatible each other

I mean, why don’t satellites are not syncroun each other? I mean user datas which in satellite A can not access it in satellite B. This will just make incompatible service which make users confused. If it’s compatible then we can apply each decentralized satellite which also allow another computer become satellite

As far i know what sattelite meaning is searching nearest signal in context of GPS satellite.

Because this will cause problems. Who is going to pay the storage node? Satellite A or satellite B or even both? How about invoices? Who will repair the data and upload the lost pieces to new storage nodes? Which satellite wins when they disagree on the outcome of a repair? Satellite A might select nodes that are disqualified on satellite B. And many more questions. This is just the tip of the iceberg.