Decrease Node Size - May have been too greedy maximizing my node size

I have setup a 9TB node on a 10TB Mirror, I was originally thinking 60GB of extra drive space would be fine for “Overused” how much could it use!?.. But from what im seeing I probably should have made the node about 8.2 or 8.5TB instead. Im having hard time finding the exact procedure for shrinking the node before I start having issues. (I’m only at 16Gb used right now… newbie)

I use Windows 10 and Storj node installed with Docker/Powershell.

Can anyone give me the quickie commands for doing this?

Thanks in advance,

Hello @Kenny ,
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Just change the allocated size: How do I change values like wallet address or storage capacity? - Node Operator
However, if you reduce less than actually used, the space will not free-up. Only customers can delete their data. So, it could take a lot of time before your node could accept a new data.


Perfect! Completed in under a min! (down to 8.5TB node)

Thanks for sending me in the correct direction,