Decreased egress amounts in November

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I have a node running 24/7 with 1.6tb allocated space (currently fully utilized) + unlimited 400mbit in/out connection. So far, on previous months my average egress was around 400-500Gb per month, but in November it decreased overall, and i am seeing numbers like 1-1,5Gb per day. If I request logs, there is nothing unusual. My audit is 100% on all satellites shown on dashboard. Uptime 98%+. Is it normal, or might there be a problem?

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This is not like a mining, space and bandwidth are used by real people, not machines, so no predictable egress or ingress or space usage. There is no “normal” or “abnormal” traffic, we highly depends on customers and their activities.
The only normal traffic is audits traffic. Please, make sure that your node is online.


After pricing Anouncment togday trafic gone much better. Coincidence?

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We accelerating invites to our waitlist of 14,000 developers, as stated in the blog:


Hello, Alexey. Thanks, hopefully there will be more customers then!