Dedicated server or VPS

Hi, I would ask it is ok to run node on a dedicated server or VPS? I could then provide good SLA and data persistence.

I run my node on a dedicated server, and it works great. I think you are good.

May I ask how many GB u have shared / how many GB is actually used by Storj for now?

I have 2 nodes… Here is my dashboard from the bigger one, It is only 1 month old. I can not show you the other node now because I am not home and the smaller one does not have a WAN dashboard setup yet…

Technologically it would work but I wouldn’t buy a VPS solely to run storj on. Most VPS providers cap your bandwidth as well.

If you’re planning to use it solely for a storagenode, then neither. It will never be profitable.

My dashboard. Homehosted :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @stuu,
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Please, do not spend money on anything with purpose only for Storj! You will not get a ROI any time soon.
This is not like a mining, space and bandwidth are used by real people, not machines, so, no predictable income. We highly depends on customers.
This is profitable only if your PC will be online anyway with Storj or without.


Hello Alexey,

Can you say when it will profitable to have an VPS node?
Currently running Storj on a VPS, but indeed it is not really that profitable yet.
Talked to someone of the team to setup the node and run it now for about 1 week. has the storage node estimator…
Is this only a tool to get people onboard with positive numbers?
Also got feedback that limits (25GB a day) will be removed for users in short term…

Only in case of usage that VPS for something other, not only for Storj.
If only for Storj it will not be profitable in most cases, because you will pay for VPS usage independently of usage by Storj network. But in the Storj network you will be paid only when it is used. If it would be used less than your profitable point, you will be always in loss.

In case of spare usage your costs are paid already and payment for storagenode would be a nice discount to your bills.

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Ok, I indeed have it combined with something else, so it’s fine.
Are there any figures available already on the current use cases from customers?
And also the current network?
Or only the devs incentive that have been subscribed to get 1TB for free?

You can see a few use cases on the
And there are plenty others - like CDN, object storage for your hosted site or media library, replacing AWS S3 in your applications and so on.