Dedicated statistics webpage for SNO hall-of-fame

Yep, maybe Knowledge is right. We sit conforable in our homes, and write all kinds of demands, not accounting for the huge amount of work Storj labs already has each day for the important stuff. This is not a priority. Sorry for bring it up.
Anyway, if in some distant future these kind of stats would apear somewere in an organised fasion, I think the best option will be:

  • publish the stats anonimised; no need for any identifier for the comparision purposes.
  • make a search with different filters where you can put your own stats and will show you where your nodes are placed in the list.

I think they want a million small nodes not a few whales. The whales might need to professionalise in the future but surely they is only tolerated as now

The problem with this is that a small node will earn a small amount and that small amount may not be enough for the node operator to be interested in spending time to set up and maintain the equipment.

I would not run a node if I knew that the maximum I could get was $5/month or so. It would just be eaten by transaction and exchange fees unless I saved for a few years. This amount is different for everyone.

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Hey guys, haven’t posted anything in a while but found this topic to be interesting.

Why couldn’t the community of SNO’s just do something like this on their own if people are interested? But instead of using addresses and ID’s and all that, just use the old “honor system” (lol) and people can post screenshots of their dashboards. I mean… any large SNO’s are most likely going to have such things like Grafana, Zabbix or some other dashboard. To take it a step further, people could post pics of their setups with specs and all. I mean, who doesn’t love hardware porn too right?!?

As for the whale issue, I can see how this could be a bit of a concern at least while Storj is relatively small and might be frouned upon by some currently, but I believe it’s inevitable that if Storj continues to grow the wales will be essential. Let’s face it… with the constant exponential growing demand for data storage it’s simply not feasible for all of the data to be stored in peoples bedrooms.

According to some sources, global data is growing at a rate of ~1000 PB/day. That’s essentially 50,000 20TB nodes… per day… 18.25 million nodes per year! And that will only increase with time. Now obviously Storj will only make up a percentage of the market, but either way… whales will be essential. And that’s ok, because it will still be decentralized. So for those of you who believe whales are bad right now, here’s the solution… more whales!

As for Storj’s view on whales, I would speculate that they know it’s an inevitability and that the current subnet limitations (similar to the initial signup limitations) are just a best effort to keep it as decentralized as possible (and arguably probably more for geographical reasons) without actually hurting the whales that have the technical skills to work around the limitations. In reality this is actually a decent strategy (wheather on purpose or not) to somewhat limit the first whales to those with more technical skills and those more apt to run enterprise hardware with raid and backup systems like ups, gennys, etc… even if it is out of their garage. And if their investing that kind of money into their setup, well then there far more incentivised to keep their systems operational than your average normie making 6 bucks a month as a hobby.

Let’s face it… if Storj really wanted to prevent whales it’s not hard, even if someones using different email’s and token addresses for each node, but I highly doubt it’s worth the effort for them to do as it won’t really matter in the long run anyway except for turning larger SNO’s away. So whale away because once decentralized storage really takes off it’s going to get crazy, even for the smaller guys!

And lastly to the smaller SNO’s, although the subnet limitation will most likely remain as a means to distribute data geographically, that doesn’t mean they won’t ramp up data as more comes in… I mean, that’s kinda the point. And keep in mind that although there might be whales, it’s not the same as POW mining. Your hard drives will be more or less just as profitable 6 months or a year from now unlike how it works with mining. Here your providing a service not playing the lottery. So keep at it…

… I really didn’t mean to write that much, haha.

Please note that using different payout addresses for each node operated by the same Node Operator is against the ToS.

Yes understood, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t doing it because there really isn’t any way to prevent it. I’m certainly not recommending anyone do that of course.

Why would I ever want my data exposed like that?

If Storj ever wants to do something like this, I hope they don’t forget an option to opt out.

If it’s not linked to you, will not expose your data. That’s why I sugested in the next post that should be a top or statistics with no identifiable item. You don’t need for comparition IP, Node ID, email or wallet address. Just data about the storage and traffic.

Besides the beauty of raw statistical data, comparing your mini empire with others will incentivise you to make it bigger. And be proud of what you accomplished. Like a bonus on top of the financial earnings. On this all games are based upon… so we mix business with pleasure :grin:

Gamification can be useful. Such a page might even bring more node operators on board if they can see the actual success of others. Though I agree this is probably not a priority.

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Are other SNO’s interested/open to running something to collect these stats and have it publicly visible on a website? For example there is this: New dashboard project for SNO - #86 by clement

Which you have to run some app locally to get a nice overview of all your nodes. Not speaking on anyone’s behalf, just strictly hypthetical, if there was a button to compete/share on leaderboards would you turn it on (it would show your stats fully autonomous to others)?

There would be a page showing the top statistics for any tracked data, and just a simple user id, or even a random generic name that’s generated fresh every time page is loaded, or no ID at all just a table with top values.

If so, I might be interested in taking up such a project just for the fun of it.

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I remember such dashboard when it was Storj V2

Decentralization … :joy:

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