Dedicated statistics webpage for SNO hall-of-fame

I like statistics, charts and pies :wink: and how my nodes compare to others.
Whould you be interested in some monthly statistics about SNOs, like a hall of fame or Top 50, that Storj Labs should publish on a dedicated webpage?
I’m thinking:

  1. Top 50 SNOs depending on:
  • total space shared
  • total space occupied
  • total engress
  • number of nodes
  1. Top 50 nodes depending on:
  • space shared
  • space occupied
  • engress

Do you have some sugestions? Nodes/SNOs can be identified with ETH payout address, it’s somehow public anyway, and the transactions can be easily traced, so no privacy endangerment… I think.


it will be interesting for statistics, like Egress/stored data

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It sure will be fascinating for @Vadim to be at the top at all times :laughing: :wink:

I’m wondering if you’re the top SNO or not, in fact :slight_smile:


if we whatch for transactions during the month payments, there is lot of big numbers, so may be i am even not in first 10
But i will definitely will try to get there.


It would be fun, but personally I would prefer to remain more on the anonymous side of things.

Now this is unlikely, but such a list could potentially be used by the attacking side to more easily find weaknesses in the network.


I guess truncated walled addresses would be acceptable. The full addresses are visible in the blockchain anyway.

Or, node IDs could be used instead. If multiple nodes are associated with one wallet address, just use one of the IDs and specify the number of nodes. The node IDs are probably visible anyway.

I would not like it if both node IDs and wallet addresses were in the same place.

Yet another way would be to generate a hash of the node ID and use that - if someone wants to, he can post his node ID and then everyone will be able to see it.

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Even if you leave only four characters of the wallet id, you will be able to guess which actual on-chain wallet id matches. I’ve managed to deanonymize one such wallet id that wasn’t properly covered.

Why use an identifier at all? Just display them as anonymous unless the node operator chooses to display anything. Want to look up your own nodes? Use web3auth to look up the stats, you could then also set a display name if you want to deanonymize your stats and boast about your setup. There would be no need to ever display node id’s or wallet id’s.

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This is a good idea, more difficult to do, but better than just showing hashed node ids. This could also be a setting in the node - to show stats publicly or not and what name to use.

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Yeah, it’d be a little harder to prevent people setting the same name though or use different names on the same wallet. But that would work too if that can be resolved.

It also wouldn’t allow you to look up your personal stats privately, without setting a name.

I generally really like this, just please don’t trace me :wink:

Anonymized users could still be shown as, say, a hash of the wallet address (or node ID). You can look up your own stats.

It would avoid yet another registration and login.

it’s pretty trivial to hash all wallet addresses that receive payouts and tie more things to that.

What new information would that give? Information how much each wallet address earns is already in the blockchain and can be found. Hashing all of them and comparing to the list would result in the highest earning wallet address being on top of the SNO list, which would not be a surprise.

If Storj uses the same source wallet address to primarily pay SNOs and not for other transactions, then it is already possible to construct a “wallet address hall of fame” by the amounts paid, the only information missing would be the egress and storage.

Hash the node id then?

Then again, maybe having somewhere where you can log in and look at the info would be better.

it will give some more information, about statistiks Egress/stored data
and some other metrics

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Yep, what @vadim said. I try not to assume providing additional info is harmless. If it can be prevented, I would always err on the side of caution and not provide any additional info tied to the wallet. If only as a defense to possible targeted social engineering attacks. (eg. I can prove that I work for Storj Labs, how else would I know exactly how much data your nodes store)

I wold show only Wallet, number of nodes connected with wallet, Egress, Ingress, Stored data, may be All space.

I would never show the wallet ID connected to these stats. There are lots of people who posted their wallet ID’s either in run commands or logs here on the forum. Just some quick thinking and I can think of a few ideas to exploit this.

Look for people who recently crossed a milestone of data stored 5TB, 10TB 20TB etc. and send them a DM

Your nodes recently accumulated more than #TB of data. The Storj Labs team appreciates your loyalty as a node operator and we want to show our appreciation by offering you a bonus payout. To prove ownership of your wallet, please send 500 STORJ to the following address 974thwb and we will send you 1500 STORJ back as a token of our appreciation.
Thank you for your continued support!

Or as a more threatening option, look for those with multiple nodes who’s ingress shows they use multiple IP addresses. And send them this.

Dear forumname,
We have recently become aware that you are using VPN/VPS services to circumvent the node selection process. This is against our terms of service and we are taking steps to stop these practices.
Please seize the use of VPN/VPS services immediately and terminate the nodes that used these services. Reply to this message with the node ID that you want to keep and shut your other nodes down. Furthermore, we require you to pay back the last three months of earnings for all nodes that ran using VPN/VPS services. Please transfer this amount to wallet iyasfevbiou. Failure to comply within 24 hours will result in all your nodes being disqualified.
Storj Labs

Sure… most people would probably be smart enough to poke right through these messages… but some may not. I would never want to even open the door to this.

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Yeah. If anything, I’d like to see some hall of fame of the biggest disqualified nodes to serve as a warning to fresh SNOs. Maybe allowing some commentary from the SNO, if they wish to leave a message on how the node died.

I imagine an obituary-like webpage with photos of dead NAS/drives or broken chairs (in case of PEBKAC problems).

I’d allow graceful-exited nodes as honorary mentions as well.

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I’m not sure a competitive board like this would be a good use of resources, it would generate a lot of questions about why X SNO has more data than Y SNO. I think if some power SNO’s want to share their configurations and methods of practice that they use to operate their nodes, that could be done in separate threads to allow “aspiring” SNO’s to ask questions or tweak their environments to make them more optimal, great. But putting something together that shows what everyone is hosting or not hosting is maybe not a good use of time for the company right now. There are a lot of tasks already on hand. And as mentioned, some of this data is out there and could be fetched for a user generated table without Storj’s direct involvement. That might be better.