Dedicated Storj App for QNAP


did I understand it correct yesterday in the Town Hall Meeting that Storj will provide dedicated Storj App for QNAP, Synology and FreeNAS ?

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It was a little unclear. When answering community questions they said it may at first be better instructions on how to run a docker based node on those systems. I think what they announced was mostly the intent to support these systems specifically. Hopefully that will eventually mean packages on their respective app stores.

Yes that’s correct, it will be coming in the next few weeks.


Wow, great news! Will it be in the synology community repo or a manual install?

I don’t have that info yet, but I do know it is being worked on :slight_smile:

Would be some great exposure for expansion of the network, just saying. :wink:
Lots of eyeballs on those official stores.

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Is there some update yet for the QNAP storenode package? I would love to try/test this out.

Not yet as far as I know. But you can use a general docker image as well.