Deleted and full SN - please let me know

I ask other SNO for information or do you have so little “deleted” in full SN ???

docker logs storagenode 2> & 1 | grep deleted -c
since the last update 2020-01-30T20: 51

for comparison in SN operating for two months:
docker logs storagenode 2> & 1 | grep deleted -c
since the last update 2020-01-30T20: 51

Because we may have to ask Storj Labs test operators to delete old test data, not the latest test data …?

9363 here since 0.31.12 update.

I don’t understand the requests for Storj to “delete” certain “test data”. Test data is like any other data. You do not know what data you hold. What is the problem with having old or new test data?

Thank you for the information (I hope FULL storagenode)

With full SN you do not take part in new tests … Nobody will download old test data … You won’t get new data and nobody will download them … you don’t know if someone is sending something to the network … etc

Sorry, by “full” you mean it has reached the max. storage capacity? It is not full, I didn’t quite understand your post the first time, I think I do now. I thought you meant not a new (but vetted) node.

I would say this is a downside of storage size, if you have less storage, there will be less downloads because you will hold less data.

For now I collect information, based on what I see in the behavior of my SN, which is full for the third time (I am replacing drives for larger ones) I have such conclusions.

When this will be customer data, no problem, but it’s test data since the network was cleaned … I read that other SNOs have some big deletions, some big trash cleaning … and my node as it was full two months ago is so full …