Deleted Identity folder on windows

Hello again everybody :slight_smile:

For a am an operator for a very long time now, don’t even understand how i did such a mistake.
I deleted by accident my identity folder.
I have 46tb of space, with 5.6tb stored.

Is there any possibility to generate new identity and use continue using the data?
This is on windows and this node is relative new 1.5 month old.

What should i do?

Thank you for your answers!

This is your chance to start over properly. Don’t use more than one drive for a node.
And keep your identity on the node’s drive and a backup somewhere else.


I’m afraid not. If you cannot retrieve the identity, your node is lost. :frowning:


Thanks for the responses.


Just use file recovery software, it’s unlikely those 6 text files are over written as yet. Especially if they were put on the data drive as often suggested, or your OS drive\user\account\Appdata.… etc. default install identity location. Easy peasy.

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Hello @Saintdogz,
Welcome back!

I’m agree with @Julio , try to use a recovery software. It’s also possible that you have it somewhere else, like on the disk with data as suggested by our guide, or like @Julio said - in the "%AppData%\Storj\Identity" folder. Or you may even have a backup.

i tried using winfr, it did not help

I’m sorry, but it’s required to restore the node’s identity and the belonging data. If you completely failed to restore it, then, well, delete everything and start from scratch…

I use Recuva and it’s pretty good.

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