Deleting a bucket

Can I delete a bucket from my account to reclaim the space if I have lost the encryption key? Wasn’t easily able to find the answer in the docs. Thanks!

Here you go

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@nerdatwork the rclone will not allow you to delete non-empty buckets too, and since the encryption key is lost, this bucket will looks like empty, but it’s not true - the current encryption key just unable to decrypt a content.

The working solution would be only to use uplink CLI.

  1. Create an access grant
  2. Setup uplink with this access grant

To list buckets:

uplink ls

To remove a bucket even if you lost an encryption key:

uplink rb --force sj://bucket-to-remove

Thank you @Alexey, I will try this and mark as solution if I’m successful.

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Finally got a chance to try this. Creating a temporary access grant with delete permissions and importing into uplink CLI worked great. Thanks @Alexey!