Deleting files ? where is the recycle bin

hi there

i have 150gb free plan i had used 120gb in 2023 and now deleted everything and i wanted to upload new files it says error you have used 90% of your storage
but i deleted it
i cannot find the recycle bin ;)) can you help ?

Our Object Storage is priced in GB per month. Your legacy free tier allows you to use a total of storage, egress and segment charges that total up to $1.65 - this means you could store up to 150 GB per month and have up to 150GB of egress per month as well as up to 10,000 segments, or a different combination of the three that also adds up to no more than $1.65. I suggest you read the example of how object storage charges are calculated here to better understand how we account for usage charges. You may also check your previous invoices to see the breakdown of the usage charges (which in case of free tier would be covered entirely by the free tier coupon.)


Hello @farmerxt,
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Perhaps you have not deleted objects with a different encryption phrase?
You may check that:

uplink ls --encrypted --recursive sj://my-bucket

Will show you all encrypted objects in that bucket.
You need to setup an uplink using the same encryption phrase though: Using the Uplink CLI - Storj Docs

You may delete them all, even if you do not remember your previous encryption phrase:

uplink rm --encrypted --recursive --parallelism 100 sj://my-bucket