Deletions due to crackdown on Chia plotters?

Hi guys,

I read in some topics that there has been some bans on free accounts because they were using them for Chia plotting. From that moment, it looks like there has been significantly less traffic. Also, there are a lot of deletions going on on my nodes. Do these events link with eachother? Was the increase in traffic we have seen over the last few months due to the use of free accounts?

Just interested in the logic of the system


Can you point out the post that mentions this?

It was due to misuse of said free accounts.

The data of such abused accounts would naturally be deleted which is why we see the deletions. Also customers delete data from time to time.


Yes I am fully aware that deletions are normal behaviour. And yes, I am also aware that this was a misuse of the free accounts. But I’d still like to ask if the high amount of traffic was due to these factors, or if there have been other factors at play.

Maybe to be more concrete in my reasoning: is the traffic we see now more representative for how ‘normal’ use looks like? And has the traffic over the last few months been mostly misuse of the free accounts?

I am not here to judge or whatever, my questions are just out of interest. My nodes are running perfectly fine whatsoever

The high ingress on the EU satellite over the last several weeks is most likely due to the abuse. The pattern of massive increase in accounts with massive ingress but almost no egress was a bit unusual. It could have been some huge customer onboarding but now as we know that there has been abuse of free accounts it is more likely that this was the result of it.

Hmm, alright. The whole Chia plotting makes sense, because I already found it odd that there was a hugh influx of data, but my nodes were barely growing. But I think it’s good to know that these numbers were seeing is more reasonable then what we’ve seen the last weeks/months

Please note, there is no “normal” patterns usage by the customers. It can grow up and settled down, depends on the customers’ needs.
So any changes in the traffic flow or usage in the past doesn’t guarantee the same usage in the future. And vice versa.


That’s true while the network is small.
As you begin having thousands of customers their individual “unpredictable” patterns merge into an overall cyclic “almost predictable” pattern (daily, weekly, monthly and if the network lives long enough even yearly.).
So yes, eventually we will have something that we could call “a normal pattern” :slight_smile:


I couldn’t have phrased it better, thanks for that! That is exactly how I see it.

We’ll see how it turns out over the next months. Traffic for my nodes is sure a lot quieter