The free quota removed?

I suddenly unable to access the file I store in my storj. before the limit 150GB, but now I saw the free quota 0GB.
did storj really remove free quota from the user? any option to get access on the file without paying? I need to move to other place. because the file very important.

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How much data are you storing and how many segments does it show on your account ?

120GB, 7288 segment.
If the free quota really removed, is there any option to download the file, because it’s really important for me? Sorry, without add payment. Because the promised, it’s free 150GB forever.

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My legacy free account seems affected with this proposal. Now I can’t open the file in my windows, because the quota become 0.

If the free quota be removed from legacy account, there must any notice / warning, so the user could have option, at least to download the file.

I hope there any option to download the file at least

free accounts that was before this proposal are not changed as far as i know, only if they was suspected of violating of ToS, so write to support.


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Three points:

  • First off, we have not removed the free quota! Anyone who signs up today gets 25 GB free.
  • Secondly, if you have an old account, you still have the older 150 GB free promotion!
  • The only exception to the above two points is abuse. @jshoppu, if you think your account has been unfairly frozen and you are not mining Chia plots, please contact support directly.

oof, now I feel bad for testing whether that could work in theory years back… wasn’t aware some people are now abusing free accounts for that. In my defense… I tested that back when there was no free account and it was never supposed to go beyond PoC. :wink:


I had one of my accounts I had for testing from the start got the samething, Not sure how its alerted as abuse though cause I never used it for anything other then testing for storj.

@deathlessdd Please file a support ticket if you believe your account should not have been suspended.

Ok I will if I ever need it to test storj again for anything. But I deleted everything before on it cause it had to many segments I knew because of the email I got but now its useless since its got 0 storage and 0 bandwidth.

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You may also file a support request to delete the account if you no longer need it. But from what you are saying, I suspect that the suspension happened because you had excess segment fees that were not covered by your free tier coupon. We can discuss possible removal of the suspension in a support ticket if that was the case with your test account.


Ok I sent the ticket. We can discuss if I can keep it or not.