[DEMO] Tardigrade Thursday : QNAP with Karl

This week’s feature is short and sweet – a QNAP NAS demo with Karl

Next week, stay tuned for an awesome longform interview with our VP Engineering, @jtolio ! The topic will be End-to-End Encyption.


Thanks for posting this @jocelyn.

@utropicmedia-karl I have a bit of feedback based on this video.

The order of the different settings seems to be a bit confusing and random. May I recommend starting with identity and storage paths and then storage size. While watching the video, the title Storage Allocation confused me a little and I thought that’s where the path should be entered.

The port forwarding section is also pretty unclear. It talks about port forwarding and DDNS, but doesn’t explain how that should be done. And what you need to enter is actually the full address including the port. However, that is never made clear enough and the example suggests it just needs a port there. This should really be clarified. And perhaps include a link to the port forwarding instructions. Port Forwarding | Storj Docs

I have a Synology myself and I know that on Synology there is a difference between the paths how they are presented in the web interface and the physical paths on the underlying OS. If this is the case on QNAP as well, please clarify which is needed. Especially is the app uses the physical paths that aren’t presented in the GUI by default.

Finally, perhaps don’t use a disqualified node in your demo video. :wink:


This looks great, fantastic UI too. Almost tempting me to buy a QNAP NAS :joy:

I do have a slight concern though…what happens when Storj release new updates? Will it auto update? I’m guessing this uses docker in the back end too?


It uses docker, that was mentioned elsewhere. I think it uses watchtower as well, but not entirely sure.


Great feedback @BrightSilence - much appreciated. We’ll update our designs to address some of these items.

Last thing first: we have a parallel Synology app - that will be released shortly after the QNAP is completed. For no particular reason, we’re using QNAP to get community feedback and iterate over. QNAP, Synology, WD and FreeNAS will all have identical functional experiences and capabilities when we are done.

We have a habit of disqualifying our dev nodes :slight_smile: