[DEMO] Tardigrade Thursday : S3 Uplink walkthrough

Video link, WalkthroughTardigrade S3 Uplink


The video is private @jocelyn

weird! how about now??

Why from youtube and not from Tardigrade network, it is the best adversisment.

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the answer is both! we’re in the process of archivin all our material on tardigrade if you want the links just lmk. our platform is made for storage layer of course and easy to upload/share a link. youtube is made for discovery, and many folks spend a lot of time on it seeking material to watch. also supports playlists, etc. and we have people who just subscribe to our channel - by putting it on channel it means people are notified, even if they dont see this forum thread…they both have their uses :slight_smile:


Working now @jocelyn

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