Deploy multiple nodes as stack with docker compose

I want to move my nodes to larger drives. To adjust the size I have to delete the docker container and deploy a new one with the new credentials. Is it possible to deploy several nodes as a stack, so if there is something to be changed it will be easier and faster to adjust just one file, instead of deleting them, adjust the credentials and manually deploying them one by one via console. (I`m using portainer).

Check out docker-compose. It allows you to have a file that holds your entire docker config and you can start, stop, restart, etc with easy CLI commands, and can update your docker-compose.yml then run an unchanging command to reup the node. You just run “docker-compose up -d”, and any containers that have been changed get removed and started again with the new config.


You may check this:


if anyone needs help setting this up, let me know!

i have a couple running this way since a couple of years.