Design draft: installation and auto-update on Linux

Hi all!

We are working on the design of the installation and auto-update processes on Linux. You can find a draft here:

It discusses the choice of the packaging system. We plan to use native packaging systems (i.e. deb and rpm formats).
Let us know if you have any thoughts on that!


I think package repository it will be rigth way (for .deb .rpm) Autoupdater can be just simple command in cron like “yum update storagenode” or apt “update storagenode” that run every 6 hour ± randomization.
Also nice to have “how to build it from source” small documentation for other distros.

How will this offer a better experience than using docker? It needs to be at least as simple to setup as using docker. Hopefully a simple one line command to install and a text config file to update.

You can still use docker