Detailed forward-looking protocol roadmap with dates?

Where can I find a detailed forward-looking protocol roadmap with dates? This roadmap I found does not have dates and does not focus on the big picture: Storj Network Roadmap · GitHub

thank you.

Hi @7d265506458b957df92b
I doubt that what you are looking for exists. The public github roadmap you linked to will be the most publicly available information outside of Storj.

Storj is still a startup and is iteratively improving their product offering whilst responding to customer demand and support issues. Initial development work was building out the network, then testing the network for resiliency, making the network available for customer use, rolling out the S3 gateway based on customer demand and now adding features customers have requested is the current priority (e.g. geofencing/geo-redundancy).

At no point in the time I’ve known Storj (3 years+) have any specific dates been mentioned for development goals or even timescales for features/releases. FYI the town hall videos on Youtube do mention forward looking statements and give some idea of longer term goals, but again without any commitment to timescales.


Thank you, this is very helpful information.