Did I mess up by upgrading docker while running the node?

Well, just that. I did a full system upgrade while the node was running and did not realised that it would be abruptly restarted. Now the web dashboard shows 0mb of used bandwith (used disk space is OK) also it looks like the restart deleted sqlite database tables (maybe they went corrupted?)

Logs from the restart are here:

First off, please stop the node asap. It started a new setup instead of continuing with your existing data. Any data sent to this new node may later be lost, so please stop it first.

Next please take a look at the current instructions for running your node. The issue you are facing is likely caused by the use of the -v mounting option that was listed in early instructions. This setting is dangerous as when the storage location is not available for some reason, docker instead stores data inside the container, which could lead to data loss. Please remove your container and recreate it using the new instructions found here.

If the above does not apply, please post your current run command so we can have a look what else might be wrong.