Did not get paid?

Hello, this is my second month with storj starting from today and I was supposed to get storj worth of 60 dollar cents from last month, but I didn’t receive it on my wallet. can you guys help me on that?

Thank you

Welcome to the forum @terdio!

Payments for previous month are done in first 2 weeks of current month.


Really? The month is only a few hours old and you’re already asking for your payment? Payments are made in the first two weeks of the month for the previous month.

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Hi @terdio ! It’s a natural question, especially as you’re new to the project.

Payouts happen by the 15th every month, for the month previous . So payouts for the month of January would occur by Feb 15. Payouts for Feb would occur by March 15. Et cetera …

Welcome to the forum, and please dont be shy about posting. We love to hear from new members!


I assume this was aimed towards me and I admire your patience, but I don’t think people should be encouraged to ask frequently asked questions without using the search function beforehand. Of course, if one has a real problem which one can’t solve by doing a quick search in the forum, then one should post it in here. Otherwise you’ll end up needing twice as many staff and community members to answer the same questions again and again.