Did not get SNO token

I signed up yesterday for new token but have not received it yet. Is there a delay on getting nee tokens for SNOs?

If you are referring to a token for setting up a storage node, I believe these are now automated and should be issued instantly. Note that you will only be issues with a new token once you have used the previously requested one.

Iā€™d recommend checking your spam folder or trying a different email address.

If you are talking about an invite for the Tardigrade satellite, these are only being issues once per week so you may have to wait a couple of days.

I am talking about storagenode invite. I signed up with a new email and it said I should get ot shortly. However I never received it

Make sure you dont have an ad block and using chrome.

We are sorry you are experiencing these problems in receiving your auth token. Could you please file a support ticket if you still have not received your invite, so we can check our database and see what is causing this.

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