Difference between repair and usage ingress. Is one better than the other?

Just out of curiosity, what is the difference between “usage” and “repair” ingress. I noticed that both increase the total amount of used space on my node. This is good, because even if I don’t get paid for ingress the more data you store the more data that could be egressed in the future. Right?

I’m just curious if one is better than the other for a Node operator.

I get alot more repair ingress than “usage”

Imo the large amounts of repair traffic, both in and out, are a problem for the company and the satellites.
For you it makes no difference except you get paid differently for repair egress

Functionally, there is no difference to you or your node.

usage ingress is effectively “new data” coming into the network. repair ingress is effectively “existing data” that was once stored on nodes, and redundancy fell below the threshold, therefore the remaining pieces were pulled from those nodes (repair egress), file was rebuilt, and then new pieces were redistributed to nodes (repair ingress).

Although, I agree with @andrew2.hart, ideally repair traffic (both egress and ingress) would be low (especially on the customer facing satellites), which is somewhat of a simple stability metric of the network as a whole. Less repair, would be an indicator of more stable pool of SNOs. But ultimately, the repair functionality is maintaining the resiliency and high availability of the storage network.

Thank you both, your answered my questions wonderfully.

So in conclusion “usage ingress” indicates new customers (or new data from existing customers) which is good for the storj project. and “repair ingress” means existing node(s) have gone down and my node is getting their data (from other nodes that had the same data bits and are still running) in order to maintain the redundancy threshold.

How about egress? Does repair egress mean my node is holding the same data bits as a node that went down and it’s being copied to another node to maintain the redundancy threshold? In other words, my repair egress is another nodes repair ingress? “usage” egress is just existing customers getting their data for whatever reason they may want it?

basically, yes. there are some other complexities/nuances to the whole thing, but that’s basically it.