Different Coin Types

Hi All,

I run 3 nodes, currently all on the same IP address using different ports and different NAS’s on my LAN. I am quite happy with Storj treating them as a single node. I just have spare space on each different NAS and running 3 nodes I get to use some of the excess space I have available. I may put one across a VPN at some stage - but I would do that for the technical exercise rather than for extra payout. But thats by the by

Currently each of the 3 nodes are linked to the same coin address - a wallet I hold on / view through an Android App called MEW, I get paid in Storj. I even managed, the other day, to pay for a service using Storj (wether that was a good idea is a whole different thing), I am not sure how much it cost me - but again I don’t really care - I am doing this for amusement, and a tiny bit of gain, rather than earn a living

I read stuff about Zsync, era, legacy etc - but MEW doesn’t seem to support Zsync as far as I can tell. All my (very very limited) coins (of all types) are now in MEW. I used to use Jaxx - but they vanished. I also have edge. I bought some bitcoin back when they were $500 ea and have finally run out after spending I guess approx somewhere between 3K-4K for a < 1K investment (if only I had bought more!!)

Why would I use zsync - OK - there is a % bonus - not to be sneezed at - but its not going to, on its own, persuade me to change a working process (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it). Edge seems to support Zksync, but I have no idea if its era or legacy. I also am unsure why it says USDC with Zksync below that whilst the other coins all say the coin type at the top

So - to my questions, and apologies for the ramble above - but I wanted to set the scene

Storj seem to want to use zksync era as its cheaper for them - and it would appear, at least on the surface that I get extra. They also seem to think its the future.
So Q1: Is this worth doing?
Q2: How? 1 node is running on docker on portainer, the other two are running on TrueNAS Scale using the TrueNAS app. It would appear that docker I can edit an environment value (and I guess add another with “operator.wallet-features=zksync” and with TrueNAS I can edit the container configuration (and select opt in to zksync) and then presumably restart - is that correct?
Q3: How and on what do I set up my zksync wallet - as thats the bit that really confusing me.

yes, i think so. its a promising L2 solution

It uses the same adress as on L1 but its in L2 environment-so the contend is different, the L1 eht is not the same number as the L2 eth.

There you can check if your wallet connects/supports era. (and transfer a bit of eth to test maybe.) wallets have a funktion/form to put data in/dropdown menue to switch networks.
I use Metamask wallet.
You can put your seedprase in every eth wallet, but not all would support era, imho.

Q2 looks ok, its just the parameter with

operator.wallet-features: [“zksync-era”, “zksync”]
in the .yaml
if you not want to fallback to zksync-lite, spare the , “zksync” and it falls back to L1

The big difference between them is the full? EVM support of era. What means, that what is running on ethereum runs in zksync too.

At the moment with storj I can just use them directly to buy services (which suprised me) - I assume the process converts them at some point - but I don’t need to know.
The same with Bitcoin and Etherium - I can just spend them (assuming I have enough)

Is there another hoop I have to jump through for ZkSync Era

Sorry - I really don’t understand this

usualy just change the network of your wallet or use metamask with the same seed you already should have.

the parameter will do from the Node side.

Q1: depends on what you are planing to do with token. Immediately convert to something else — not worth it. 3% bonus does not cover conversion fees and huge spread due to low liquidity on pretty much any swap pairs. Just send them to L1 address.

In fact I was all for using zksync on custodial wallet, and through multi step swaps was getting funds to gift cards, barely breaking even with the 10% bonus. It was still worth it as a gesture to save storj money. But now that the bonus is all but gone — these jumps through hoops are no longer justifiable. So I opted out of zksync on all my nodes and instead provided non-custodial exchange L1 address. Yes, not my keys == not my money is true, but nodes don’t pay enough to care. I use coinbase today. No messing with custodial wallet, MEW, that progressively turned to shit, and various swap exchange daps. (I recommend MetaMask instead if you need a decent wallet app they actually works)

So in my anecdotal experience, today I just set L1, and as soon as funds are transferred — swap to USDC on L1. Due to higher liquidity and lower spread on L1 this makes more financial sense compared to L2 swaps: you pay more in gas fees and don’t get a bonus but save on spread.

I don’t hold storj and have no interest in gambling on price; if you do — then maybe hoarding tokens on L2 will make sense: you will pay transaction fees later, and in the meantime harvest 3% bonus.

Thanks to all that responded.
I think I shall stick to L1 - it seems simpler, and I do like simple, and it currently works