Different ingress than usual

Does anyone else seem to have suspicious ingress indications in the dashboard? I’m having around 2TB indicated ingress in the dashboard, which is around 1.8 TiB, however this is way over what my Internet connection can support in a whole day if it were pegged at 100% download and at any given moment i havent seen it go over maybe 70% utilization…

There’s a lot of test data being pushed around now: so probably everyone is seeing high ingress.

But 2TB isn’t much: that’s around 2mil MB, which would be around 23MB/s… which is 185’ish Mbps (unless I did that math wrong)? Do you maybe have a 300Mbps plan?

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yea one of my nodes got 12TB in one day, apparently.
But that was just a glitch, the payout was normal, like every month tho.
but thats 1.104.5, and they have newer versions probbaly with fix already, but are still in the testing i see on github.

Hello @Storgeez ,
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Thanks Alexey!

Was looking for somebody reporting this but didn’t find! Must be this bug then, because bandwidth use reported seems to be blatantly wrong. It seems to be reporting bandwidth usage approximately double the actual usage… Will wait for the next few versions to see if this is fixed.

I have an unlimited plan, the physically possible bandwidth on the line is usually around 150 Mbps down. I’m saying it is suspiciously high, likely impossibly high indication.

… local?
It’s doesn’t matter, what ISP plan do you have. If it’s ok for you, then pay it. Otherwise - just wipe it.

I’m sorry, what?
It’s some kind of a bug in the accounting of Storj node bandwidth usage, I see others report storage used is also wrong for one satellite. I’m not paying for it, I’m a SNO.

This is doesn’t matter, because it doesn’t affect payouts. Just a reporting issue…
We are sorry that you are hit this reporting issue so far, we will fix it as soon as possible (when the US work hours will be in place)…

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Fixed in v1.106.0 but only RC version.